BPM and Procure-to-Pay: The engines driving the digitalization of the Procurement—Finance relationship

BPM and Procure-to-Pay: The engines driving the digitalization of the Procurement—Finance relationship

At the Salon Solutions trade show in Paris on September 21, a Round Table event was held on the topic of BPM (Business Process Management). I was invited along with a number of other experts to present my views on the topic of “How to deploy BPM: a powerful engine driving enterprise digitalization.” Here are some of my thoughts from that discussion:

Optimizing processes to improve business performance may not be a new idea in and of itself, but BPM represents a formidable asset: making the digital enterprise a reality wherever it is installed, throughout every key process.

BPM: Collaboration and Process

The era of digitalization is giving rise to applications for all purposes and users. Of course, these applications address their stated requirements. But without BPM, they can’t go beyond that to meet two fundamental needs required by organizations and individuals:

  • Organizations need to implement processes covering a variety of services across a range of different business areas.
  • People want to step beyond their defined role and start collaborating.

Based on those needs, we can identify three usage scenarios for BPM:

  • Developing a specific business application for BPM
  • Developing a business application built from generic application blocks for BPM
  • Deploying and integrating a mature application solution powered by BPM

Determine: A Procure-to-Pay solution powered by BPM for collaboration and process.

Because the technological foundation of the Determine Cloud Platform is BPM, it’s simple to meet the varying needs of organizations, including:

  • The desire to control their financial and contractual commitments using adaptable processes
  • Providing individuals participating in those processes the ability to contribute individual value as well as collaborate within a well-organized structure

Demonstrated success: Acticall, Ranked World No.4 in Customer Relations.

France’s Acticall Group experienced rapid growth, increasing staff from 4,000 to 8,000. Determine’s Procure-to-Pay solution played a critical role in the way the organization handled process management during that expansion. In Morocco, the financial impact was substantial—netting an almost 30% reduction in costs associated with procurement.

In all cases, the deployment of Determine’s Cloud Platform-based Procure-to-Pay solution prompted a rethink of existing processes, centralizing and coordinating working tools and methods, while providing scope for local action.

As an administrator, the Determine platform gives me great freedom and autonomy in setting parameters. I can update processes and workflows myself in real time in response to changes across the Acticall Group,” says Bruno Sénico, Acticall Group Buyer.

The three key points to note:

Running of adaptive processes and collaboration
BPM is a way of running controlled business processes tailored to the relevant context and rules while enabling collaboration with both direct and indirect suppliers. Determine’s Procure-to-Pay solution is a collaborative, flexible tool for managing organization-wide processes.

Independence of clients and integrators
BPM offers our customers and integrators total freedom to adjust the way in which their workflow runs, or the actual workflow itself. Determine’s Cloud Platform-based Source-to-Pay is configurable and global.

Goodbye to application modules
Thanks to BPM and organization-wide shared data, processes run on business modules following a variable order and logic. So, it’s goodbye application module, hello “process as an application.”

Determine Source-to-Pay is the next generation of Cloud Platform applications.

* If you’d like to learn more about how our Business Process Management can empower your organization, schedule a demo.

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