January Determinews: What’s trending in source to pay and contract management


Out with the old, in with the new as change in 2017 continues to accelerate. The keywords this year in procurement and contracts are – more than ever – agility and flexibility. We offered up plenty of insight and learning this month to take you beyond the basics in how to achieve both. In case you missed any of it, enjoy the following highlights.

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IACCM and Determine: On-Demand Webinar - Global ViewBeyond Risk

Managing uncertainty means managing your contracts (and complexity)—globally. Learn how best in class companies use contract management to prepare for the increased volatility of an ever-changing global business environment. Watch now >>

Global contract reach worldwideBeyond Limits

How to make your enterprise-wide CLM roll-out a success: Think big, start small. From the logistical complexities of deployment to detailed solution requirements, we lay out what you’ll need to be successful on the world stage. Read on >>

Hub and spoke process for source to payBeyond Linear

It’s about time the procurement process diagram reflects how procurement really works. We take a look at the changing nature of our profession, and how to describe and comprehend it. Think hub-and-spoke, with data at the center. Read on >>

Three resources from Spend Matters on procurement platformBeyond Visibility

Procurement’s future is on a Cloud Platform that not only allows growth, but empowers it. As organizations continue to move up the maturity curve, solution suite shortcomings point to the need for a true end-to-end platform. Read on >>

Beyond ExpectationsBeyond Expectations

From supplier certification rule triggers to side-by-side comparison of contract requests and attachments, and time tracking for supplier services, the 16.12 release of the Determine Cloud Platform has a lot to love. See a demo for yourself >>

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