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With all the madness that happens in March, we’re guessing that many – if not most – of you were more absorbed in your brackets than our blogs (and other resources). Whether your brackets got busted or not, you have to admire the flawless teamwork that defines winners.

In that spirit, this month focused a lot on linking and harmonizing functions in organizations, particularly procurement and accounts payable. Creating the ability for close teamwork takes a concerted effort (and our cloud platform); through blogs, events, a webinar and podcast, we offer up a playbook of strategies to get you in championship form.

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wbn-harmonizing-procurement-payables-on-demand-emailShared Goals

Procurement and Accounts Payable have been operating the same familiar way in many organizations for decades, but they’ve not always been on the same page. Harmonization starts here. Watch Now >>

A prosperous alliance is when procurement is aligned with accounts payableShared Vision

“As I quickly learned, no one from procurement ever went down to AP unless something was wrong. Seeing procurement folks outside the cafeteria was bad news.” Kelly Barner takes you from “alignment” to “alliance.” Read More >>

Determine OutLoud 003Shared Effort

When most people hear the term “Services Procurement,” they think “contingent labor.” Truth is, that’s just a small part of it. Our Chief Product Officer and VP of Product Marketing give you the whole story. Listen In >>

P2P Harmony BlogShared Resources

Getting procurement and payables in tune is about getting everyone at the same table. And by table, we mean the Determine Cloud Platform. Turned shared data into shared vision and shared goals. Read More >>

Business Process Management is about collaboration of workflows.Shared Language

Language is the great unifier in any culture – including the corporate kind. So when it comes to workflow and business process management, don’t mix up the terms. Integrate them. Read More >>

Shared Experience

We’re expanding share in the casual dining market by serving up innovation. It seems the leading chains have a taste for our solutions. Read More >>

Shared Success

The devil is in the details when it comes to carrying out a multinational approach to contract management, but it is possible to maintain control while adapting to unique local circumstances. Read More >>

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