April Determinews: What’s trending now in source to pay and contract management

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By coincidence (or not), today is the birthday of Samuel Morse, inventor of the telegraph – arguably the first email. Considering the continual rise in speed, quantity and complexity of data communications today, it’s worth remembering that to some degree, he started all this. Of course, being that humans can never leave well enough alone, we’re still tweaking, refining and trying to perfect source-to-pay and contract management technology that enables people to communicate and collaborate better.

Opening the lines of communication is something we strive for as a company, and it was a theme running through much of our resources in April. The need for legal departments to empower non-legal users; the redefining of what user experience means; closing the gap between procurement and finance.

Finally, being named Value Leader in the E-Procurement SolutionMap from Spend Matters means our practice of collaborating with customers – open communication – is delivering results.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any comments and suggestions of content you’d like to see at scb@determine.com.

Open Season

Determine was named a Value and Solution Leader, scoring among the highest for deployment speed, customer value and configurability – hallmarks of the Determine Core and Determine Cloud Platform. Download Now >>

The future of legal workOpen Access

Transitioning to self-service contracts is something that legal teams are embracing, becoming business builders – and collaborative partners – in the process. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen – with major dividends.

Determine Outloud 004: John NolanOpen Minds

As John Nolan, CFO of Determine, states, aligning procurement and finance can be just a matter of  walking down the hall to meet people, share perspectives and get exposed to completely different opinions on what’s happening out in the market. Listen In >>

Heart Procurement Finance KB BlogOpen Doors

When finance and procurement interact beyond budget cycles, bringing their intent and the strategies behind their efforts to the forefront, they establish a meaningful and productive relationship. Read More >>

Source-to-pay UIX is key to adoptionOpen Possibilities

By recognizing that user experience (UIX) is much more than just a pretty interface, the 17.3 Release of the Determine Cloud Platform opens new boundaries from Core to Contracts, Sourcing to Suppliers and beyond.

Open Borders

Orion selected the Determine Cloud Platform as provider of choice to meet its global Contract Management, Sourcing and Supplier Management requirements. Read More >>

Open Integration

This Ardent Partners Spotlight shows why leading enterprises take a more holistic view of their workflows – and why an integrated cloud platform is a requirement. Read Now >>


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