Procurement Transformation: Forget features, let’s talk about business processes!

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This blog first appeared on Decision-Achats, 05/09/2017

Today, e-procurement providers are racing to offer ever more features to their customers. The result is often mixed: unused features, and rigid processes that do not really meet each company’s specific business needs.

Most source-to-pay solutions on the market stick to a linear process: purchase requests, orders, receipt and invoice reconciliation. However, this process only works for certain purchase categories. As soon as you want to add more negotiation, teamwork, or contract management, these solutions become complex to implement and use.

Increase opportunities by managing complex business processes.

In its business approach, the Determine Cloud Platform offers through its procurement and contract management what few players are able to do: integrate vendor management, negotiation, and contract management capabilities into any purchasing process. This allows all use cases to be managed from definition to execution, including modification and renewal.

As we always stress at Determine, it’s not the number of features that counts, but the combination of these features within a process to meet real business needs. The flexibility of the our platform allows customers to choose which features to use and configure their own data, rules, and business processes. This is truly unique in the marketplace.

A good example: IT services procurement.

Effectively managing IT services purchases requires the ability to create an internal project that will allow the team to be managed with roles, planning, a series of tasks to be carried out, and visibility over all related documents:

  • Traditional tasks include defining the need, identifying suppliers, inviting them and collecting information, and then signing an NDA that can be automatically generated and sent by the platform using information gathered online and contract templates configured with rules.
  • Then comes a collaborative phase with file sharing and questions and answers with the validation of suppliers after an internal review.
  • Negotiating master agreement and scope of work is made easier thanks to all available information resulting from the sourcing operations, and can therefore be conducted at the same time.
  • Once the provider is chosen, it is very easy to move to contract execution with or without cutting purchase orders and to manage contract compliance and changes since everything is managed within the same project.
  • Budget and financial monitoring with predictive analysis gives complete control over the project.

This example can be fully configured on a project-by-project basis on the Determine Cloud Platform. This unparalleled flexibility allows us to manage our clients’ business processes, including very specific and highly-regulated industries such as healthcare, construction, nuclear, biotechnology, and finance.

What was once a simple tool has become a strategic solution to support the business with global user adoption, better collaboration, risk reduction and major productivity gains.

To see how your procurement organization can achieve more productivity, efficiency, collaboration and savings on the Determine Cloud Platform, we invite you to schedule a personalized demonstration.

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