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“‘Agile’ is really a perfect descriptor for Determine – it applies to the people, the thinking and the technology. Determine is good at change.”

This quote, from our new Chief Marketing Officer, Gérard Dahan, applies not just to Determine as a company, but what we strive to help our customers achieve, too.

Flexibility, agility, change, transformation – these are the concepts that have been front and center in our industry and communications all month (and since our inception, really). The world is shifting at an ever-accelerating pace; in this era of dynamism it’s not going to be the strongest who thrive, but the most agile.

Charles Darwin said it is the most adaptable to change that survive. But “adapt” is such a passive, or even reactive, idea. In this day and age, proactivity is what’s going to be a bigger determinant of success. That takes alignment of people, processes, data and goals, a collaborative, empowering culture, and technology that creates a seamless conduit to putting your strategies in motion.

If your strategies include 3rd-party risk management (and they should), join us for our SolutionWise Live Product Demo Webinars, Transformation 102: CLM + SIM. Choose your preferred date — 10/3 or 10/5. Seats are limited, so register soon!

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Introducing Gérard DahanInflection Point.

Gérard Dahan, an industry veteran with 25 years of award-winning experience, brings with him a long and impressive resume, and a vision for how the Determine Cloud Platform will change the way people and organizations work. Read On >>

Aligning budgets with enterprise objectivesObjective POV.

Kelly Barner of Buyers Meeting Point makes the case for aligning procurement – enterprise objectives as a prerequisite for getting budget approvals. Just in time for the new quarter, right? Read On >>


Digital LawLaw Abiding.

As the regulatory framework around companies becomes increasingly strict, organizations are looking for legal to take a more proactive role in strategic development. A universal concept from a French perspective. Read On >>

Procurement TransformationProcess Forward.

Julien Nadaud, Determine’s Chief Product Officer, explains why procurement technology functions and features (i.e., bells and whistles) aren’t transformative. Focusing on business processes is. Read On >>


Source to PayWord Choice.

Turns out, source-to-pay isn’t a thing; it’s many things. Built-in agility that can meet the needs of each organization in specific industries requires consummate technological prowess, like that on the Determine Cloud Platform. Read On >>


Product demo on aligning budget managementRisk Less.

Join our Live Demo Webinar on aligning supplier and contract management to mitigate third-party risk organization-wide on the Determine Cloud Platform. See first-hand how integrated data and business processes enable the visibility you need to replace risk with business results. Seats are limited! Register Now >>

Connected Dots.

Learn the risk potential posed by third parties – suppliers, vendors and other providers – along with how to manage that risk by connecting the dots between suppliers, procurement and contracts. Watch Now >>

Secret’s Out.

When Gérard Dahan, Determine’s new CMO and SVP of EMEA, left his last position after seven years of major growth, everyone asked him “why.” Great product vision, strong management, customer service in our DNA. And more. Read More >>



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