Determined to dominate source-to-pay.

Green lights for Determine to dominate Source to Pay market

“Determine is good at change.”

When Determine’s new CMO Gérard Dahan said that in his inaugural blog post last month, it really encapsulated so much of what is true about this company and why we’re steadily beginning to steamroll the source-to-pay and contract management industry.

Thinking back to the start of this journey in January of 2014, we set a very ambitious mandate for ourselves. It wasn’t just to create a new company, but to reboot the entire concept of what source-to-pay could be for our customers. We knew that was a process, not a goal. It still is. But, in the course of that process, the milestone markers are flying by at an increasing clip.

With all that’s happened in the last few months, I thought it would be a great time to reflect and look ahead. Since Determine is so focused on helping customers align their people, processes and technology, let me break down our milestones the same way.


If a company is only as good as the people who choose to work there, then Determine is unparalleled. That’s true across the company, and three recent additions highlight that in a very dramatic way. Gérard Dahan is one of the most experienced, recognized and celebrated people in the Procurement industry. He has built his résumé on building up some of the most successful companies in technology. When he left Ivalua, he could have gone anywhere (and almost did), but he chose Determine. Why? Because we’re not just pushing boundaries, we’re erasing them. As far as we’ve come in three years, the potential here is still limitless.

That’s also why two senior industry leaders just joined our Board of Directors, Bill Angeloni and Steve Sovik. A growing board is one sign of a growing company, but who chooses to be on that board is more critical than just right sizing. These two executives bring peerless experience and entrepreneurial track records in technology leadership. They’ve both seen and done so much in the industry, and now they’re turning that guidance in our direction. Again, why? Because of the possibilities we represent.


b-pack, Iasta and Selectica were all pioneers in their respective fields when we came together in 2015, with distinct backgrounds and methodologies. Combining three companies, with the depth of experience and technological prowess, is our greatest strength. While we were all different, we all shared a common culture – customer first, always. In just a few years, that has enabled us to exemplify best attributes of each company and focus them on how to best serve our rapidly expanding customer base.

Our breadth of industry vertical knowledge and how to optimize for each is vast. Implementations and deployments, even on a global scale, are constantly getting faster and easier, accelerating customer ROI. Bringing new capabilities on line continuously is expanding what our customers can achieve.


The Determine Cloud Platform has been around for more than 10 years in P2P (originally as b-pack), with many customers in France and the US. However, the Determine Cloud Platform as it is today—with full-function Sourcing, Supplier Management, Contract Management and Procurement—just celebrated its first birthday. Only one year since we formally launched a true, modular end-to-end source-to-pay platform, and already it’s responsible for millions of dollars of business and 100% of our new customers. Our longtime customers are adopting it at a relentless pace. It’s like companies were just waiting for us to create it; the demand was already there.

Yes, we had to prove our advantages with an easy-to-use front end interface and a single database. We’ve done that, and continue to do so for a steadily expanding base of customers every month.

If the milestones are flying by now, what will next year and the year after be like as we move quickly to dominate even more of the source-to-pay and ECLM cloud platform market?

For a lot of companies, change is what happens to them. For Determine, change is what we have always created for ourselves. Of course it would be easier to let things roll for a while, but that’s not who we are. We are all about attracting the best talent, putting in the most effective and efficient processes in place and innovating to keep our technology the best the market has ever seen.

To do this, we will continue to change, adopt and adapt by listening to what our customers, future customers and the market at large are telling us, and then exceeding what they are asking for to meet their needs. In other words, we invite change because it makes us better.

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