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If you search online for “agility and adaptability,” (or, like in our last blog, ask Alexa), chances are the links shown will be a menu of education, supply chain and leadership topics. Which works perfectly to summarize what we covered this month: Agility is the ability and willingness to learn from experience and apply that to perform successfully in new situations; Adaptability is to embrace change. We strive for both every day, and help our customers do the same.

McKinsey had a report recently that showed, conclusively, that companies which aren’t at least partially on the way to digital transformation are already at a serious disadvantage. Our customers know this, which is why last quarter 100% of them onboarded the Determine Cloud Platform (DCP).

DCP is designed to be modular, which means agility is built in: customers can start with one or two solutions, and simply add on more as needed. The data is integrated, the workflows are unified, the user experience is seamless. Just as critical, it’s self-service configurable – need to change the way you work? Go ahead.

Which is also the upshot of a survey by French procurement publication Decision-Achats. Configurability came up consistently as something customers really want to to be able to do themselves. Especially as more and more millennials are populating companies (and taking over management).

A good case in point, and example, is our customer Monoprix. As one of the biggest retailers in France, their need for agile procurement is based on having 600 retail locations, not all of which are selling the same product lines. They turned to us for the flexibility and agility our eCatalog capabilities provided them in working with their suppliers.

Speaking of, getting strategic with supplier relationships was the topic of our webinar with PayStream Advisors, which was based on their 2017 Supplier Management Report. By providing consummate Supplier Information Management and Supplier Performance Management agility, we’re working to turn the pain points, challenges and needs facing companies in different industry verticals into opportunities.

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