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How Buyers, Suppliers, and Stakeholders Drive eSourcing Adoption

It’s easy to get caught up the “go live date” for your eSourcing software implementation. Many procurement leaders believe their team will be empowered to succeed simply by turning on a tool. However, that is not the case. Michael van Keulen from VF Corporation (a Selectica client) shared some best practices and advice at eWorld London for groups who are rolling out new eSourcing software. Michael shared some key elements from VF Corp’s successful eSourcing technology adoption that included: Developing … More

ROSMA and Supply Chain in 2020

Iasta recently hosted our user conference (Iasta reSource) in Indianapolis on September 9-11, 2014. The conference was a great opportunity for our clients to come together and network with peers, attend sessions led by fellow Iasta clients sharing their success stories, and participate in interactive sessions lead by experts such as A. T. Kearney. One of my favorite sessions during the conference was led by Marc Hochman at A. T. Kearney titled, “Supply Team 2020”. Marc discussed the progression that … More

3 Reasons Why I Can’t Wait for reSource 2014

My favorite time of year is quickly approaching. Yes, I’m talking about football season. But I have another reason to love fall this year. Iasta is hosting its US user conference on September 9, 10, and 11. I’m especially excited about the conference this year because it’s taking place in our home city of Indianapolis. Attending the user conference is a great chance for our clients to experience the culture of both Iasta and our home city. I’m also excited … More

4 Ways to Avoid a Horrible Software Implementation

Anyone who has undergone multiple enterprise software implementations can probably tell horror stories about failed deployments. Some software implementations end up taking months, or even years, longer than planned.  Other implementations never even get off the ground because there was not a plan around how to properly implement the new software after purchase. Furthermore, if your software users are poorly trained or face usability difficulties, your software implementation efforts will end up being a waste of both time and money. … More

Who is Determining Your Priorities?

Evaluating the market is the initial key phase to any software implementation. Each organization has its own specific functional and cultural needs and priorities to consider. Key considerations should expand beyond functionality to include cultural fit, alignment with your organizational structure, and your procurement maturity level. The alignment with your specific needs in these areas should remain a basis for decision-making throughout the entire process. Below are three key points to consider during your evaluation process: Where to start? It’s … More

Don’t Expect Executive Support without Effective Communication

More than 100 procurement professionals ranging from CPO to Sourcing Mangers to Category mangers (and everything in between) participated in a global procurement survey conducted by Iasta and Efficio. Together, Iasta and Efficio revealed some interesting statistics and discussed findings from the survey in a webinar on May 13 titled, “Becoming a Procurement Change Agent in 2014: A Global Perspective of Procurement and Change Management.” One survey question asked participants to select what they believed were the top three most … More

Speed up Savings with a Modern Sourcing Approach

The month of May means racing is on our brains here in Indianapolis. The Indy 500 is just days away and our city’s excitement for speed and racing is contagious. With this “need for speed” in mind, I’ve been asking myself this question: How do we help our clients go after these top savings priorities in the quickest and most efficient way? The answer, I believe, starts by looking at some industry research. Over the last few years, we’ve seen … More

How to Develop Strong Vendor Relationships & Strategic Partnerships

As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post, internal communication and alignment are key factors for a Procurement team who wishes to increase their real and perceived value to their organization, as well as their influence.  The vision for the Procurement team should align with the vision for the overall organization. Additionally, being able to effectively communicate Procurement’s impact on the company’s mission and vision is critical to success. In this post, I’d like to further suggest that Procurement view … More

Baseball and Measuring Procurement’s Value

Finally, spring has sprung and it is officially baseball season. In my house, there is much rejoicing! With the dawn of each new season there is fresh hope, even if it is sometimes…fleeting. Perhaps more than any other sport, baseball is often analyzed through the prism of statistics. Whatever age or school of thought you might hold in relation to baseball, you can likely rattle off some form of statistic about some of the players you follow, if a fan. … More

What Can Procurement Learn from The Bully Pulpit?

I like to fancy myself a student of US History. In fact, I often find myself intrigued about how lessons learned from some of the most influential people in history can be applied to the political, business and personal issues facing the present. For example, when I came across a LinkedIn post titled, “Three Lessons Execs Can Get from the Gettysburg Address,” I became unreasonably excited to read more. I personally consider Theodore Roosevelt (TR) the most interesting historical/political figure … More

2 Key Aspects of Better Communication

I think anyone that has been involved in any long-term personal relationship would agree that clear communication is a key feature to any healthy relationship. Most would likely also agree this applies to professional relationships, be it with one’s superiors, team members, subordinates, and even across business units. Why then, as found in Deloitte’s Global CPO Survey 2013, does this continue to be a large obstacle for Procurement teams? According to Deloitte’s findings, 88% of CPOs report delivering on or … More

How Does Procurement Occur to Your Organization?

I recently read The Three Laws of Performance written by Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan. I took a great deal of knowledge and inspiration from the book. Now, I  find myself with the challenge of applying it to my personal and professional life. As I sat down to write my monthly blog post (and frankly, struggled with thinking of something unique to write about), I found myself thinking about the first Law and how it applies to Procurement professionals I … More

Accounting for the 500lb Gorilla

In today’s world, we know the value of the procurement function can’t, or at least shouldn’t, be measured purely on savings in relation to previous spend. Held merely to this one metric, it is difficult (maybe impossible) to get a true understanding of the value being delivered by procurement. Why? One reason is buyers are dealing with more than simply managing suppliers. Buyers need to understand the fluctuation of commodities affecting the price of the goods suppliers are providing. Rod … More

4 Essential Capabilities for Procurement Success in 2020

How can you prepare your procurement team for 2020 and beyond? Deloitte helped answer this question in a paper about the future of the Procurement profession: Charting the Course: Why Procurement Must Transform Itself by 2020. The report takes a look at the dramatic shift that Deloitte foresees in the coming decade and shares how procurement teams will need to adapt in order to avoid falling behind the competition. In addition to covering risk elements and the importance of expanding … More

Spend Analysis v. Spend Intelligence: 4 Questions to Ask As a Procurement Team

In 2013, it’s not groundbreaking to say spend analysis is considered a key function within most successful procurement organizations. In fact, Aberdeen Group research found that 89% of best-in-class procurement teams utilized a spend analysis solution within their organization. In the same report, Aberdeen Group gathered that access to data is a critical component to a Best-In-Class procurement team. If you’re curious in reading more about these findings, download the report here: Dynamic Procurement – The CPO as a Collaborator, … More