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The real estate bust has caused the cost of relocating employees domestically to skyrocket in the past three years. The Worldwide Employee Relocation Council reports the cost to relocate an existing employee homeowner now exceeds $90,000. At the same time, employers reacting to the Great Recession are looking for ways to reduce their spending significantly on a number of fronts, including employee mobility. Paladin has developed a model with Graebel Companies that allows other clients to benefit from aggregation of … More

Don’t Be Traditional With Your Spend Management Thinking: Part 2

Welcome back! Just joining in? Click here to read Part 1. As many of you know, providing a high level of influence and performance in non-traditional spend categories will require subject matter expertise and skills beyond traditional negotiating skills such as: Strategic thinking and analysis Project / program management Data analysis and modeling Change management and Influencing skills Problem solving Relationship management All of the above business skills are key for sourcing professionals to learn and adopt. While these non-traditional … More

Don’t Be Traditional With Your Spend Management Thinking: Part 1

For many Sourcing organizations, especially those at mid-market companies, being involved in Strategic Sourcing of Indirect Spend categories is still a relatively new opportunity… and a challenge!  Many manufacturing companies, which have historically had sourcing organizations focused on Direct Material and Capital Equipment purchases, may not have the internal staff or correct Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to get involved in negotiating and managing indirect expense categories. In fact, sourcing organizations may not even exist at some companies, namely those in … More

Same Process … Same Results … Change it for the Better Results

In Six Sigma Quality Training, we were taught that a good repeatable process should always produce the same results … with little variation and few errors.  That is a good thing for many processes such as manufacturing widgets, processing customer orders, paying bills, etc.  It is not a good thing in a Strategic Sourcing project.  In Sourcing, uncertainty, variation, and supplier agitation is a good thing.  Add competition, especially new competition, and incumbent suppliers get nervous about losing the business … More