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Why Spend Analysis Frustrates Those Who Need It Most

It’s easy to construct a data warehouse to answer questions that don’t deviate from its pre-defined structure. But what about all the other questions? Within most organizations there are three groups of consumers for spend data: * Group I: those interested primarily in reports; * Group II: those who drill around a spend dataset, occasionally, to explore specific areas of interest, or to track down individual payments; * Group III: power users who are using the spend data to locate, … More

Spend Analysis: MacroMap and MicroMap

Spend analysis datasets are typically MacroMap datasets; that is, datasets consisting primarily of AP transactions which are grouped, mapped, dimensionalized, and displayed. Data are typically enriched with MWBE information and so on, but the end result is an enterprise-wide view of spend across commodity categories. MicroMap datasets, on the other hand, are commodity-specific investigations of spending and usage patterns. Examples we’ve seen at BIQ customers include: analyzing which makes/models/years of totaled vehicles are best auctioned off for residual value, and … More