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The RFx Prescription

You could say I’m in the RFP business. Or, more accurately, the RFx business, given that I interact with RFIs, RFPs, RFQs, RFTs, and the like every week. On a regular basis, I request a great deal of information or feedback, and receive numerous requests of my company. I get to see the process of requesting information, price and non-price, from every angle. I answer questions of sourcing pros who are considering purchasing Iasta sourcing software; I build existing vendor … More

Don’t Get Trapped in a Sandbox

I recently bought a bike from a chic, hip online store. And because I bought a bike from a chic, hip online store, you are safe to infer that I do not have the skills or experience to properly assemble a bike from scratch. Yet, this is the challenge I faced when my box of disparate bike parts arrived. My saving grace appeared in the form of an instruction manual taped to the front tire…or so I thought. The “instruction” … More

Building a Sourcing Pipeline: 8 Questions to Ask When Evaluating eSourcing Providers

Are you asking the right questions when you’re evaluating eSourcing providers? Andrew Bartolini of CPO Rising recently published an article entitled “Building the First Sourcing Pipeline – Getting Started.” He provides valuable advice to procurement organizations that have just purchased an eSourcing solution. These organizations should be commended for the decision to become more strategic by implementing tools that will (hopefully) streamline their sourcing processes and vault their positions within their companies. However, from one solution provider’s point of view … More

Four Ways Sourcing Teams Can Become Super

It’s Super Bowl week here in Indianapolis. More than 11,000 volunteers are prepared to make Super Bowl XLVI an amazing experience for the fans, tourists and locals. Just today I heard that the NFL experience attracted a record 42,000+ visitors on Saturday. And as the teams are arriving Monday, it comes to mind how making the Super Bowl is a huge victory for any football team; think of it like accomplishing the executive mandate of the sourcing world. So, what … More