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About Lisa Cohen

Lisa Cohen, Vice President of Learning and Development, leads internal employee development and provides solutions for customer system user adoption. With over 25 years of business experience, Lisa brings solutions to improve workplace performance. Her area of expertise includes: learning and development, management and leadership development, organization change management, orientation programs, business development, direct and indirect sales and event planning. She has worked for large and small organization including AT&T, MasteryWorks, BearingPoint, Deloitte, Deltek and provided a variety of consultative solutions for clients as large as Fortune 50 and Federal Government agencies, small to medium-sized businesses as well as state agencies. Lisa has been an active member of the Association of Talent Development (ATD) community and has been a leader in the Washington DC Metro chapter with her active participation on the Board of Directors. Lisa has a BBA from James Madison University and a MBA from Averett University. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling and photography.

Contract Automation Tips to Keep Your Global Business on Track

These days, the world is going paperless for good reasons. However, with contracts stored online instead of in drawers, they can lead to new risks for your business, especially if you operate on a global scale. Those risks, however, don’t outweigh the benefits but they do mean that you have to adjust to some new processes to make sure everything is done efficiently and securely. Many companies continue to make basic errors when converting to paperless processes, especially when moving … More

Women in Procurement: Big Challenges, Bigger Potential

The procurement profession has traditionally been a male-dominated field. A manual count by SCM World last year found only 22 women with top supply chain executive jobs in 320 Fortune 500 companies. That’s just 7%! With numbers like these, it’s understandable that many women see the procurement glass ceiling as alive and well. Historically, women have not been seen as great leaders or risk takers, which may have hindered their ability to climb the ladder; as SCM World points out, … More

Six (6) Contract Writing Tips to Avoid Ambiguity – and Litigation

There is a reason that contracts are full of legal language. They are, after all, legal documents. But the fact that contracts are legal documents is all the more reason to make sure that language is precise. When contract language is imprecise, or worse, incomplete, the door opens to ambiguity and misinterpretation that could lead to disputes. I’ve seen a lot of contracts, and know nothing is worse than foggy language. Believe it or not, good contract management often has … More