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10 Steps to Prepare for Your Next Reverse Auction

If someone said that running a reverse auction takes a lot of time and effort, then I would have to disagree. Don’t get me wrong. Conducting a reverse auction does take time and energy, but the auction itself may only last 45 minutes. In my opinion, the real sweat and tears occur in all the preparation leading up to the reverse auction. Rather than diving right into running a reverse auction, you need to prepare ahead of time by gathering … More

Successful Procurement Software Rollouts: More Than Just Product Training

A well-planned and executed deployment can make an incredible difference when rolling out a new application. At Iasta, we find this to be especially true when rolling out a new eSourcing platform because all of our clients have such unique requirements, challenges, and goals to accomplish with the software. Do you (or some of your stakeholders) consider training the main focus of a deployment? Although training is an essential piece of the puzzle, a good deployment includes a deep understanding … More

3 Tips for Successful Communication with Suppliers

Many times organizations begin using eSourcing tools with the mistaken assumption that the tool will automatically take care of all the work for them.  Communicating with suppliers throughout the eSourcing process is probably the most neglected, yet important, piece of an eSourcing project. One of the biggest mistakes a project manager can make when running an eSourcing event is to publish the project and then wait for supplier responses. The project manager needs to engage suppliers and demonstrate how important … More