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Avoiding the 10 Most Common Mistakes in Selecting and Implementing e-Procurement Solutions

The benefits of e-procurement software have been well documented. In the 20 years since these solutions first appeared on the market, studies have repeatedly shown that e-procurement systems not only yield a high return on investment, they also reinforce good corporate governance.

A new gen… More

Supply Chain Talent: State of Discipline

What sorts of skills do the newest generation of supply chain managers need? What can educational institutions do to better prepare their business school graduates for supply chain management jobs? A new survey conducted by a Supply Chain Council committee and AMR Research aims to find out. The bott… More

Supplier Collaboration Process can Save You Millions!

The relationship between organizations and their suppliers is continuously evolving. Organizations want their suppliers to continually reduce component costs, improve replenishment lead time and become more responsive to their business changes. However such demands can cause the relationship to beco… More

Supplier Management Techniques for Mitigating Risk and Driving Improvement

Now more than ever, companies are finding it crucial to have accurate, timely and reliable supplier performance metrics to assess risks and take precautionary measures when needed to avert problems. The objective of this paper is to present a flexible, assessment-based supplier management solution t… More

Executive Guide to Supply Chain Resources

This executive guide is a useful directory of supply chain suppliers and providers in the following categories:

Transportation/Logistics Services
Supply Chain
Software Technology
Procurement Solutions
Professional Services&… More

Strategies to Run a Lean Supply Chain: How Principles of Lean Manufacturing Transfer Benefits to Ope…

The blurring of the line between manufacturing and supply chain logistics provides the opportunity to move efficient manufacturing management concepts to supply chain management. One manufacturing concept stands out as most successful: the concept of lean. This paper describes lean manufacturing and… More

Rethinking the Approach to U.S.-Mexico Border Logistics Management

This white paper was authored by Alvaro Quintana, General Manager, Mexico Operations, JPMorgan Chase and Bernie Hart, Global Product Executive, JPMorgan Chase. The complexities of crossing the U.S.-Mexico border continue to burden companies engaged in moving goods between the two countries. By takin… More