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Agile Procurement is the New Normal.

Some common themes from ISM and Procurement Leaders. Last week I had the pleasure of sitting in on some great presentations at the Procurement Leaders World Procurement Congress 18 in London, as well as attending the Institute for Supply Management ISM2018 in Nashville, TN the week before. They provided the perfect opportunities to reflect on where Procurement currently is, and where it’s going (hint: agile procurement). It is remarkable how much it has evolved – and what the notable changes … More

Forget Everything You Know About Strategic Sourcing.

Instead of “recycle, reuse, retread” let’s talk about a reboot. Memorization is a frontage road: It runs parallel to the best parts of learning, never intersecting. It’s a detour around all the action, a way of knowing without learning, of answering without understanding.” — Ben Orlin, “When Memorization Gets in the Way of Learning,” The Atlantic, 9 September 2013

CLM Basics: 10 things to know.

Get started or get to the next level with your contract management. When you are immersed in something day in and day out, you tend to forget that not everyone is as familiar with the topic as you are. At a gathering this weekend I met the CEO of a global financial organization that is growing and expanding rapidly with offices all over the world. The conversation got around to the inevitable, “So, what do you?” I mentioned cloud-based contract … More

Budget-empowered procurement.

Make built-in P2P budget management data part of your purchasing workflow. Of the many topics that came out of the webinar we did with Ardent Partners, CPO Rising 2018: The Age of Intelligence, the idea that “you’re only as good as your data” is one of the most compelling. There are many aspects to exploring that idea. It doesn’t necessarily have to be some high fallutin’ thought leadership viewpoint, either; in fact, a powerful example of data visibility can be … More

The Powerful Voice of the Customer

Listening to your customers is about more than building relationships, providing great service and ensuring the path to success; the powerful voice of the customer can also reveal a lot of insight and wisdom. Placing customer interests at the center of your strategic plan is wise, but that doesn’t necessarily make it easy. Meeting customer expectations requires a full understanding their needs – and that is not possible unless you have one or more dedicated people who truly want to … More