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3 Reasons to Implement a Supplier Diversity Program

April is Celebrate Diversity Month, which started in 2004 to recognize and honor the diversity surrounding us all. Diversity can be recognized in many ways – from self-expression, to a difference of opinion, to choosing diverse suppliers – but one thing is certain, we celebrate diversity in hope that people will gain deeper understanding of the diverse group of backgrounds and cultures. As for procurement, supplier diversity programs are just as important to recognize (and celebrate). Today, supplier diversity programs … More

Baseball and Measuring Procurement’s Value

Finally, spring has sprung and it is officially baseball season. In my house, there is much rejoicing! With the dawn of each new season there is fresh hope, even if it is sometimes…fleeting. Perhaps more than any other sport, baseball is often analyzed through the prism of statistics. Whatever age or school of thought you might hold in relation to baseball, you can likely rattle off some form of statistic about some of the players you follow, if a fan. … More

Analytics on the Brain in 2014

The emergence of Big Data has created a demand in the ability to understand and make sense out of an increasingly amount structured and unstructured information. The increased interest in analytics has given rise to a “culture of analysis” where procurement now sees: More data is being collected with an increased portion of this data to be analyzed coming from unstructured data sources such as pdf files, PPTs, emails, blog entries, wikis, word processing documents, photos, graphic images, videos, streaming … More

52 Reasons to Work at Iasta

Did you see that Indianapolis was recently listed on the New York Time’s 52 Places to Go in 2014 list? Iasta is excited and proud that our HQ city made the list! In order to keep the excitement alive, I reached out to our employees and asked them to come up with reasons why they love working at Iasta. With great pride and pleasure, I present to you our list of 52 reasons to work at Iasta. 1.    We have … More

Pennies & Procurement: Are Your Savings Dull or Dazzling?

When cost savings loses its luster, what do you do next? Have you ever noticed how pennies turn dull after time, but quarters do not? I noticed this comparison when I recently emptied the zippered portion of my wallet. Similar to the penny, so too can the shiny newness of the savings we as procurement people deliver to the business lose its luster. How can such a meaningful return on investment be forgotten? The business leader can easily forget because … More

A New Procurement Calls for a New Kind of Purchasing Hero

Despite the challenging circumstances of today’s economic environment, you must embrace change in order to support shifting external environments and business strategies. At the same time, you look for opportunities to capitalize on disruptive changes in supply markets, which can drive greater value for your organization. You must become a purchasing hero. What is a purchasing hero? We believe a purchasing hero brings knowledge capital to multiple departments. They inspire collaboration and cross-coordinate with as many internal stakeholders as possible. … More