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Procure to Pay: Best practices in six key points

Salon Solutions is always an exciting event, and a great chance to hear the latest buzz and get a feel for what’s going on in our industry. As Senior Solutions Strategist for Determine in France, I am pleased to say that this three-day show in Paris was hugely successful in terms of attracting attendees to our booth and engaging them on a personal level. What’s more, speaking at various events was a chance to share our vision and technology around Procure-to-Pay … More

The hijacking of Lean Management or management’s flight from complexity?

“Lean production is a work organization model that favors the development of proactive, competent employees who are prepared and motivated to think and suggest improvements.” — Philippe Hidden behind the magical power of measurement quantified using intrinsically false data, Management is finding itself unable to deliver performance in a complex world within ever more complex organizations. Didn’t Lean Management provide the keys to performance? In the 1990s, didn’t the complexity sciences largely contribute to the revival of the practice of … More

4 Ways to Avoid a Horrible Software Implementation

Anyone who has undergone multiple enterprise software implementations can probably tell horror stories about failed deployments. Some software implementations end up taking months, or even years, longer than planned.  Other implementations never even get off the ground because there was not a plan around how to properly implement the new software after purchase. Furthermore, if your software users are poorly trained or face usability difficulties, your software implementation efforts will end up being a waste of both time and money. … More

3 Tips for Successful Communication with Suppliers

Many times organizations begin using eSourcing tools with the mistaken assumption that the tool will automatically take care of all the work for them.  Communicating with suppliers throughout the eSourcing process is probably the most neglected, yet important, piece of an eSourcing project. One of the biggest mistakes a project manager can make when running an eSourcing event is to publish the project and then wait for supplier responses. The project manager needs to engage suppliers and demonstrate how important … More

Are You the Customer or the Product? (Part 2)

In Part 1, I covered the model and value of free tools. Click here to read Part 1. In Part 2, I will cover another important component of free tools, support. Another hard truth about free eSourcing tools is that many of them do not come with much support. Perhaps you get some online manuals or a video tutorial, but don’t expect live, experienced user support to help guide you during critical events. The onset of an eSourcing program is … More

Are You the Customer or the Product? (Part 1)

Many companies these days are providing free services and technology to different markets. This is not a new trend. Over a decade ago, I got my first free, Web-based e-mail account. It was a Hotmail account and, in fact, I still have it today. Free storage, free tools, free address book, etc. – it’s pretty cool. Today, you can find dozens of free, Web-based e-mail solutions, each having its own hook but all looking pretty much the same. The one … More

Structured Sourcing Process and e-Tool Deliver Double Digit Savings

As sourcing organizations mature, it becomes more and more challenging to deliver significant savings across well-sourced categories.  However, it has been Paladin Associates’ experience that there continue to be opportunities in both direct and indirect categories.  Recently a client engaged Paladin to lead the sourcing process for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs).  While the process was not unusual, its rigor demonstrated efficiency, effectiveness and the capability to deliver not only savings, but to provide greater understanding of and continuity of … More