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6 Steps to Green Sourcing

Happy Earth Day! Since 1970, people have been celebrating Earth Day in a variety of ways: gardening, recycling, educating others about sustainable practices, saving energy, etc. But, as a modern sourcing pro, what can you do in your organization to help celebrate Earth Day? I came across a whitepaper from Deloitte titled, “A Practical Guide to Green Sourcing.” The whitepaper discusses a 6 step strategic green sourcing process and the “green” steps you can take in your organization to emphasize … More

4 Consumer Purchasing Decisions Based on Supply Chain Sustainability

At Iasta, we have teams working on the front lines of spend analysis and we’ve noticed a definite upward trend in the number of organizations tracking the sustainability levels of their supply chains. I personally love seeing this B2B trend become so powerful that sustainability conversations have started popping up in B2C environments as well. I frequently see consumers make buying decisions based on sustainability practices of the company making the product they are purchasing. As a consumer, have you … More

Drivers of Incorporating Sustainability in Procurement Organizations

Sustainable sourcing — considering environmental and social impacts in selecting and managing suppliers — can enhance your company’s brand, improve operations and drive efficiency while promoting a healthier environment and stronger community. Regulators, consumer groups and customer demands drive sustainability requirements. Trillions of dollars are being invested in green funds, and companies tout their sustainability initiatives through ad campaigns. Risk management experts know that a company’s reputation can be tarnished by the careless environmental actions of its suppliers. Procurement organizations … More

Five Benefits of Green Procurement

Before an organization can go green, it has to want to go green. So, why should an organization want to be green? Below are five benefits of becoming a green procurement organization: Brand Image: An organization that has gone green is seen as a good corporate citizen. This increases its image in the eyes of the public. Customer Satisfaction: An organization that goes green in response to customer concerns increases its levels of customer satisfaction, a key point in customer … More