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4 Procurement Predictions for 2014: Part 1

Did you make your predictions for 2014? Predicting events for the year is a common practice for many. You tend to think of yourself as a fortune teller. Some even look to industry-leading sources for predicting future trends, such as The Economist, Forbes or the WSJ, and the procurement community is no exception to these practices. As we begin to predict what’s coming in 2014, there are observable trends that impact our industry in procurement. In my opinion, there are … More

How did Iasta advance from a Challenger to a Leader in 3 years?

Have you heard the news? Iasta has advanced from Challengers to Leaders in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Strategic Sourcing Application Suites, 2013! Even better? The report positions Iasta as a Leader in Strategic Sourcing. You can download the report here. What does this recognition mean to Iasta? Listen to Iasta CEO David Bush’s thoughts on the report and how he believes Iasta made this transformation. Want to learn more about Iasta? You can email our sourcing experts today OR schedule … More

The Female Leaders of the Supply Chain: Iasta’s Mireia Brancos Honored in 2013

The women featured in Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s “Top Female Leaders of the Supply Chain” are an impressive group of women that illustrate how far women have come to get where they are today in any industry role. We’re very pleased that our very own Mireia Brancos was featured in this list of female supply chain leaders. If you’re curious to learn more about Mireia, look her up on LinkedIn. Otherwise, we’re happy to share Mireia’s insight and impact … More

Service Providers Tell All: How to Improve Innovation in Services Relationships

Clients often complain that they don’t get enough innovation from their service providers, so we asked a group of providers at our recent Sourcing Industry Conference about why this might be. They defined innovation as a two-way street and said their clients don’t understand the collaborative process needed to foster innovation. They also noted that the contract between service provider and client can cloud the matter with vague promises of innovation but that it often lacks specificity on how to … More

Procurement’s Role in Investor Relations: Part 3

In Part 2, I covered what investor relations means for the CEO and CFO. In part 3, I will cover how procurement can fully understand the objectives of a investor relation strategy. Click here to read Part 1 and Part 2. The CPO on Capital markets Day The CPO must ensure they understand fully the objective of the investor relations strategy. Is it to manage existing investors, attract new investors or to control damage? Either way, communication is key so … More

10 Ways to Drive Procurement Value: Part 6

The series summarizing Jason Busch’s “10 Ways to Drive Procurement Influence Using Advanced Technology” continues with some time devoted to his sixth point: Going Hunting for Big Game. Click to read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5. While we can’t all be Theodore Roosevelt, (and Jason himself joked that discussing it in such terms may not be the most politically correct approach he’s ever taken) he makes an excellent point that I’m excited to relay. … More

Sherry Gordon, President of Value Chain Group LLC, Discusses the Importance of Keeping Your Customers Happy

“When I attended a conference early in my career, I had a mentor who told me not to worry about the competition,” said Sherry Gordon, President of Value Chain Group, LLC.  “Instead, he inspired me to focus on what I am doing and how I can make my business successful.” You should always focus on new getting customers and keeping them happy. It’s not always about the other software companies and investors out there. Pursue your own customers. Allow them … More

Open Letter from IASTA on SAP/Ariba & Procurement Industry Changes

 Dear Procurement Colleagues, As many of you are aware, the Procurement applications industry experienced a tectonic shift last week on May 22, 2012 when SAP agreed to acquire Ariba. On behalf of IASTA, I congratulate Ariba and its shareholders on their well-earned, well-deserved success. Now I want to take a moment to address what I believe the acquisition means for you and the broader marketplace. While not entirely unexpected, the acquisition has ushered in extreme uncertainty within the sourcing practitioner … More

10 Ways to Drive Procurement Influence Using Advanced Technology: Part 1

Recently, Iasta sponsored a Webcast featuring Jason Busch from Spend Matters. Busch presented 10 ideas that go beyond basic sourcing to enhance procurement’s value to the business. By embracing new sourcing-related tools and services, teams can gain critical knowledge about spend to drive additional cost savings. The following post blogs will outline the 10 ways, outside of transactional related focus areas, that both Spend Matters and Iasta see delivering new value to organizations. The first idea Busch presented was to … More

Monthly Payback: Mukund Krishna, CEO of Suyati, Advises Businesses to Consider Websites as Prime Real Estate

Not everyone can afford a Park Avenue address, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat your current property like anything less than prime real estate. Mukund Krishna, CEO of the global technology consulting firm, Suyati, says “You aren’t maximizing your website’s potential if you aren’t managing it like a good real estate property. Like real estate, good websites are attractive and can be reached in many ways, from many different places.” He continued his real estate metaphor by comparing a … More

Glencore – Xstrata: The New Threat to Commodity Stability?

The proposed takeover by Glencore of Xstrata is going to present global commodity buyers with some challenges. The combined group will become a formidable player, creating an entity with a value of $90 billion and profits in excess of $16 billion. The group will become not just the world’s biggest exporter of coal for power plants (1/3 of the world’s seaborne thermal coal), and the largest producer of zinc, but also a significant player in commodities such as copper and … More

eSourcing Forum in Review: The Best of 2011

As the year comes to an end, we crunched the numbers to see which blog posts were the most popular. We’ll use the data to continue providing content that is relevant and useful. We thought you might be interested in knowing too so here they are. In ranked order, the top 5 blog posts on eSourcing Forum were: 1. Three Lessons Sourcing Can Learn from Firework Shopping 2. Procurement Fraud: A Costly White Collar Crime on the Rise 3. What Procurement Can Learn … More

New Supply Chain Strategies to Maximize Product Value and Growth- Gartner Webinar Review – Part 2

In Part 1, I discussed serveral companies discussed in the Gartner Webinar that recognize the importance of having a good balance of understanding product and opertional excellence. You can read Part 1 here. One of Burkett’s major points in this Webinar is that to realize value across a products’ lifecycle a company must consider the product, supply chain and demand from the beginning of the its life. They must anticipate challenges in early introduction and have created a supply chain … More

New Supply Chain Strategies to Maximize Product Value and Growth- Gartner Webinar Review – Part 1

Michael Burkett, VP Research at Gartner conducted a compelling Webinar last week titled, “New Supply Chain Strategies to Maximize Product Value and Growth.” The key message of Burkett’s presentation is that product value is maximized when the supply chain is considered and integrated throughout the product’s lifecycle. New products fail 50% of the time. Why? Contributing factors include product cost issues, inventory shortages and poor commercialization process, to name a few. Profitable innovation is key to bringing new products to … More

12th Annual ISM Services Conference Review

The 12th Annual ISM Services Conference, this year held in Phoenix, AZ December 1-2, focused on many topics dealing with the challenges involved in sourcing things like temporary labor, marketing agencies, and legal services. The conference had a full agenda, covering topics such as Building a High-Impact Indirect Sourcing Function and The Five Golden Rules of Negotiation.  Several of the sessions are summarized below: Enlightening Marketing Procurement: Maximizing Investment. Minimizing Waste. Presenters: Chuck Hatsis: President of Surge Consulting and Shannon Puhl, … More