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Living “In the Age of the Platform”

Every so often my wife and I start binge watching a new series in the age of on demand. The latest show we started is called The Wire on HBO. An acclaimed crime drama series that takes place in the gritty urban inner-city streets of Baltimore, I immediately came to recognize that it’s set in a time before the advent of smartphones, where in an early episode street gang members were seen pawning the latest Nokia 3310 series phone.

The Accelerating Rise of Cloud Platforms

A recent stat quoted in a CPO Rising guide titled “The Trends (and Benefits) of Cloud-Based Technology Adoption: CPOs Take Notice” is telling: cloud platform adoption has grown by 37.5% over the past few years, up over 14% between 2014 and 2015 alone. “Chief Procurement Officers love ‘going to the cloud’ because it allows them to focus on what is most important to them: automating and repeating processes, scaling resources, and driving greater value through greater volume.” — CPO Rising Procurement … More

You don’t trust the Cloud? Think again…

Gartner has the data: more than 90% of 2015’s deals were for cloud-delivered solutions and suites.* Conversations about cloud/SaaS computing always seem to circle back to security. Yet the fact is that most of us are already in the cloud. So many services are hybridized that it’s almost impossible to delineate where the cloud starts and on-premise leaves off. Not surprisingly, the benefits of cloud computing are driving widespread adoption. While the pervasiveness of cloud computing is disruptive, it is … More

Understanding the Dynamics of Cloud Computing for Procurement in 2016

In a recent Determine webinar I had the chance to talk about procurement trends and the cloud with Mihir Nanavati, SVP of Product at Tradeshift, and Julien Nadaud, Determine’s Chief Product Officer. Considering the two areas, which are changing rapidly and having an enormous impact on each other, it was enlightening to hear what these two experts had to say. Top of the mind, especially for procurement, is to understand the factors around the growth in cloud computing. We discussed … More

Evolution of the Cloud and its impact on Procurement

Talking about cloud computing today has become commonplace as cloud-based technologies play a more critical role in business.  But much like other technological innovations, one thing leads to another, with each iteration building on its predecessor. Consider the evolution of the power grid, of telecommunications, of the personal computer, or of the Internet. Based on the advances of technology leaders like Amazon, Google and Salesforce. Today, most of us in the IT industry understand that it is the evolving technology … More

“e pluribus unum”

While I’m certainly not one for unbridled patriotism, I’ve always had a soft spot for the motto “e pluribus unum.” It could be that it takes me back to my days of high school Latin but that does not fully account for the sentimental impact of the words. The translation, like most from Latin, allows for a bit of nuanced interpretation. The range of translations typically include “One out of many” or “One from many,” and the one favored in … More

Welcome b-pack!

As CEO of Selectica I am very excited about the opportunity to add industry-leader b-pack to our product portfolio, global market presence, and the amazing team of professionals we have working to serve our clients. It has long been our goal to expand our enterprise CLM and supply management solution to include downstream or purchase-to-pay solution as a part of our strategy. Enterprises, increasingly frustrated with the inefficiencies of managing a myriad of suppliers and disconnected information, are moving to … More

The Legend of Sourcing Hollow: The Headless CPO

The Headless Horsemen is one of the most famous paranormal figures from American literature. In celebration of Halloween today, I’ve decided to put a sourcing spin on this folk tale. Enjoy! One evening, a buyer was working late in the office of Sourcing Hollow. The air was cold and crisp. “The heater is probably going out again,” The Buyer said as he shivered and reached for his sweater. The Buyer was frantically flipping and searching through spreadsheets, supplier emails, and … More

Open Letter from IASTA on SAP/Ariba & Procurement Industry Changes

 Dear Procurement Colleagues, As many of you are aware, the Procurement applications industry experienced a tectonic shift last week on May 22, 2012 when SAP agreed to acquire Ariba. On behalf of IASTA, I congratulate Ariba and its shareholders on their well-earned, well-deserved success. Now I want to take a moment to address what I believe the acquisition means for you and the broader marketplace. While not entirely unexpected, the acquisition has ushered in extreme uncertainty within the sourcing practitioner … More

10 Ways to Drive Procurement Influence Using Advanced Technology: Part 2

In Part 1, I covered Spend Matter’s first idea to enhance procurement’s value to the business. Click here to read Part 1. The second idea to deliver new value to the business is to connect sourcing activity to contracts- implement savings faster and manage compliance. “Contact management is one of these things in the past five years that’s hung outside of procurement,” Busch said. “But we are seeing a newfound focus to use contract management to drive implemented savings.” Procurement … More

The Trouble with Visibility

The quest for greater visibility drives procurement teams to implement new technologies and revamp existing processes. We look for spend visibility, supply base visibility, and visibility into the inventory planning process. Beyond visibility for its own sake, there are a number of initiatives procurement can’t start without having more information. We can’t plan the waves of a sourcing opportunity assessment or define governance guidelines for setting spend authorization limits.  Even once we have gotten visibility into a company’s spend activity, … More

Upcoming Webcast: 10 Ways to Drive Procurement Value Using Advanced Technology

Procurement professionals like you have indicated two main roadblocks hindering them from becoming a best in class procurement organization include: 41% a lack of culture that accepts procurement as strategic 38% a lack of technology to automate the strategic sourcing process Join us for a Webcast on  May 2 at 11 AM EST, “10 Ways to Drive Procurement Influence Using Advanced Technology.” Jason Busch from Spend Matters and Joanna Martinez from Cushman & Wakefield will discuss tips on how you can … More

Be “Sourcing Minded” With Your Spend Analysis Approach

Andrew Bartolini emphasized the importance of building and maintaining a sourcing pipeline in his recent blog post titled The State of Spend Analysis in 2012. We often hear our prospective clients and clients mention building a sourcing pipeline as a strategic objective. Bartolini suggests that a “critical factor” in a healthy sourcing pipeline is having spend visibility. I could not agree more. Often, you are a step behind being “sourcing ready” if you don’t know what you are buying, from … More

Cloud and the Global Sourcing Market: Results from the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum

 When I travel, I like to get out and see the city I’m visiting — especially when the city has more than 20 million people in it. On my most recent trip to Mumbai for the 20th successive NASSCOM India Leadership Forum, I decided to use an open morning to take a city tour. This was no ordinary tour however; it’s known as “Mumbai Local,” and the key selling point is that you get to experience Mumbai like someone who … More

Computing in the Corporate Environment: Is Your Purchasing Team Prepared?

It is very rare that I walk into a meeting with a team of executives and one of them doesn’t have an IPad or some sort of Tablet computer. Apple and others have provided the world with some of the most amazing personal devices. It is only natural that more and more people bring those devices to work and using them for business purposes. A recent article by Steve Hall from Procurement Leaders provides some great insights into the every … More