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“Provider Pros to Know” Announced for 2015

Each year, Supply & Demand Chain Executive releases a list of elite professionals,  “Provider Pros to Know,” both online and in the print issue of their magazine. Award recipients are recognized as people to know and learn from in the supply chain industry. They work for software firms and service providers, consultancies or in academia, and have made significant contributions to their individual clients or to the industry as a whole, enabling them to better meet the challenges of the coming year. The 2015 … More

The Female Leaders of the Supply Chain: Iasta’s Mireia Brancos Honored in 2013

The women featured in Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s “Top Female Leaders of the Supply Chain” are an impressive group of women that illustrate how far women have come to get where they are today in any industry role. We’re very pleased that our very own Mireia Brancos was featured in this list of female supply chain leaders. If you’re curious to learn more about Mireia, look her up on LinkedIn. Otherwise, we’re happy to share Mireia’s insight and impact … More

The Nobel Prize in Procurement

The 2012 winners of the Nobel Prize in Economics were recently announced by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm. Two U.S. economists, Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley, were given the award for finding practical applications for game theory and market-matching. The primary focus of their work is perfecting the matches between spouses, medical schools and applicants, and kidney donors and recipients. In most cases, their theories are applied in situations where cost is not a factor – sometimes … More

My Procurement is Your Beschaffung and Their Approvisionnement

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” — William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet There is amazing variety in the titles used by professionals in the spend management space. In most cases, those differences are nominal and other than suggesting something about the organization someone works for, or their relative seniority, we know we all do the same thing for a living. One of the advantages of being a process-driven function is that we have the opportunity to … More

10 Reasons to Contact your eSourcing Support Team Part 2

In Part 1, I discussed 5 times when you should contact your eSourcing support lead for tactical advice. Click here to read Part 1. In other situations, you might simply need more strategic advice when planning or working in your eSourcing tool. Here are five situations when you should contact your eSourcing support team for strategic advice: 1. Structuring your event to optimally collect pricing. Collecting pricing should be both useful to you and simple for your suppliers, and you want … More

10 Reasons to Contact your eSourcing Support Team: Part 1

As a support team member for Iasta, I work closely with our clients for both strategic and tactical support. Below are five times you should contact your eSourcing support team for tactical advice: 1. You receive an error message that is preventing you or your suppliers from working on a project. Give your support team a call, and they will work with you to resolve the situation. Some errors are technical and require changing settings on your computer or network, … More

Is Your Coaching Giving Your Team a Shot at a Big Win? Part 1

In the Procurement world, more credibility leads to continued success. The same can often be said in the world of sports. Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio State and Kansas are heading into the Final 4 this week, hoping to bring home the championship title. However, many schools – particularly smaller ones – are left to hope that one day they’ll accomplish the same feat with less. A lack of resources doesn’t necessarily translate into a lack of expectations. These teams still want … More

Four Ways Sourcing Teams Can Become Super

It’s Super Bowl week here in Indianapolis. More than 11,000 volunteers are prepared to make Super Bowl XLVI an amazing experience for the fans, tourists and locals. Just today I heard that the NFL experience attracted a record 42,000+ visitors on Saturday. And as the teams are arriving Monday, it comes to mind how making the Super Bowl is a huge victory for any football team; think of it like accomplishing the executive mandate of the sourcing world. So, what … More

Using Second Life as a Virtual Platform for Negotiation Training and Practice

As organizations transition to more “e-enabled” platforms to conduct business ¬— whether it’s e-sourcing, supplier Web portals or conducting business meetings via WebEx or Skype — they will benefit from more opportunities to use these technologies to supplement workforce capability. Recently, I had the opportunity to collaborate with an academic colleague at Indiana University in Indianapolis (IUPUI), Dr. Peggy Daniels Lee, who was teaching a sourcing class. At the time, I was teaching a B2B marketing class at Indiana State … More

What Procurement can learn from Steve Jobs

As Steve Jobs walks away from his CEO position at Apple, the financial and technology world has been speculating about Apple’s future. Steve Jobs is largely credited with supplying the magic that made Apple products so successful.  He brought an alien vocabulary to the consumer electronics business when he spoke of people wanting poetry in the objects they use. He built Apple’s brand based on the premise that not only would people pay for that poetry they’d pay a premium … More